A Physical Tool for Psychological Concepts

Explaining psychological concepts is difficult because we don’t have a physical frame of reference for things like our core, our ego, or our consciousness. Hermes’ Web is a physical tool to help explain behavior that is out of character as well as abstract psychological concepts. Watch this short video to learn more.

Don’t Let Minds Wander

Talking about abstract concepts with clients can often lead to confusion. When counselors, therapists, and parents use Hermes’ Web to explain these concepts, there’s a tactile element that helps leave a lasting impression on the mind.

Facilitate Responsivity
In Your Practice

Responsivity describes our ability to get our ideas across in a manner that is digestible and that benefits our clients. Using Hermes’ Web allows the facilitator to communicate abstract concepts in a way that people with varied learning styles can comprehend.

That Magic Moment When They Get It

You’ll know Hermes’ Web is working when your clients nod their understanding and engage in follow-up discussion – they get it! That’s a breakthrough moment for you both. Watch the videos below and order a Hermes’ Web for your own clinical or home use today.

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