Hermes' Web Packaged Training
Programs provides hands-on training for
professionals interested in integrating Hermes' Web
into their work or expanding their use of Hermes' Web.
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Using Hermes' Web to Increase Responsivity
Invite Jerry Fjerkenstad, MA, LP to present this 2-hour
introductory seminar to learn how Hermes' Web can
increase responsivity in your clients and students.
Hermes' Web Customized Training
Jerry is also available for consultations and
customized workshops and training. Contact Jerry
today to discuss your individual needs and have a
workshop designed specifically for your clientele.

You can either
email Jerry or call (651)-493-2743.

Jerry also works closely with
Bobby Hickman, a
well-respected urban youth advocate, to develop
customized training and co-present the Missing
Pieces curriculum for schools.
Training Programs
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Published References
"Hermes' Web is a special tool
that we find effective in helping
people understand the complex
nature of compulsive and addictive
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Hermes' Web