Using Hermes' Web to Increase
This 2-hour seminar focuses on using Hermes' Web
to increase responsivity to therapy, treatment,
counseling, education, and community programs.  
Participants will learn the 10 essential elements of
responsivity, why responsivity is so important, and how
Hermes' Web can increase responsivity.

Through a series of lectures and an interactive
workshop, participants will also learn how to illustrate
and explain the fundamental psychological concepts
upon which Hermes' Web is based. The workshop
includes a practice session, dialogue development,
and a group discussion.

Participants will receive several handouts to use
during the workshop and as take-home aids when
using Hermes' Web with their clients or students.
The seminar is open to licensed professionals in
current practice and people in the helping professions,
including therapists, aftercare specialists, educators,
administrators, school counselors, social workers,
clinic and program directors, advocates, and other
human service professionals.
After completing the seminar, you will be able to use Hermes' Web to increase responsivity and successfully communicate with
difficult clients and students. Through a series of lectures and interactive exercises, you will learn how to:
Use your knowledge of the Hermes' Web approach to increase responsivity
Describe the fundamental psychological concepts related to the Hermes' Web approach
Use Hermes' Web to illustrate the fundamental concepts
Using Hermes' Web to Increase Responsivity
Agenda & Objectives
Session 1 explains how the
theoretical foundations of the
Hermes’ Web approach relate
directly to responsivity principles...
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Jerry Fjerkenstad, MA, LP, has
been a licensed psychologist for
over 22 years, incorporating the
Hermes’ Web tool into...
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100% of the participants who
attended a recent seminar found it
to be highly valuable to their work...
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