Contents and Focus
This is the video you've been waiting for! If
want to use Hermes' Web effectively in your
practice, school, or organization, this video is
for you.
Now available in DVD format.

The video/DVD introduces Jerry Fjerkenstad,
MA, LP, the founder of Hermes' Web,
demonstrating and discussing the use of the
Web in therapeutic situations. The video/DVD
also includes a dramatization of therapeutic
interactions with a client of Fjerkenstad's, as
well as feedback from the client on his
experiences using the Web in therapy.

42-minute run time.

"I watched the video, enjoyed it a lot, and felt
right away inspired by it. I used the Web the
day after in a one-to-one session at the
prison I work in, with great success!"
— Sweden

"We were both VERY impressed with your
video and its contents. The video was done
very professionally. You have clearly shown
that the Hermes' Web model is an excellent
tool for psychological communications."
— Massachusetts
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$24.95 Video
$24.95 DVD