Contents and Focus
This Hoberman Sphere is 6 inches in diameter and quadruples in size
when fully opened.

Use the Hoberman to illustrate the core itself. For example, you can show
a client or student what drugs and alcohol do to the core — how the
chemicals cause the core to quickly spring open, allowing a potential
jailbreak of pent-up anger, frustration, and vengeance that is hidden there.
Or, illustrate what happens during a sex offense — how the offense
arises from the perpetrator's core (the Hoberman opens) and brings the
victim inside to experience the horrible state of the core first hand. Once
the offense is over, the perpetrator abondons his or her core (the
Hoberman closes) and the victim is left trapped inside, inheriting all the
garbage in the perpetrator's core.

A small floating eye, representing the "eye of the soul," fits in the center of
the Hoberman.
You can purchase either a
small or large floating eye.
Products: Small Hoberman Sphere