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Basic Hermes' Web Items
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Starter Kit
Get started now and save
over $30 on this
groundbreaking kit!

SPECIAL: $49.00
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Introductory Video/DVD
Introductory Manual
A valuable introductory video  
for Hermes' Web
Now available
in DVD format.

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The core manual for effective
Hermes' Web use.

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8" Combo Kit
An extra Web and barrier for
you or to use as part of a
family of Webs.

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3-Pack Refill Kit
10-Pack Refill Kit
Save over 25% on this
economical expansion kit for
use with three clients or

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Expand your use of Hermes'
Web and save over $20!
Great for group therapy.

SPECIAL: $89.00
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Hoberman Spheres and Eyes
The Hoberman Sphere is a tool that represents the state of the core. Visually and spacially, it is an enlargement of the center of
Hermes' Web. The Hoberman can be used to illustrate many aspects of addiction, sex offense, cybersex, marriage and family issues,
adolescent issues, and much more. Select a link below to learn more.
Small Hoberman Sphere
Large Hoberman Sphere
An enlargement of the core,
the center of Hermes' Web.

Learn more
An enlargement of the core,
the center of Hermes' Web.

Learn more
Small Eye
Large Eye
Represents the eye of the
soul. Fits in the center of the
small Hoberman sphere.

Learn more
Represents the eye of the
soul. Fits in the center of the
small Hoberman sphere.

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Hermes' Web Training

Customized Training Programs
Jerry Fjerkenstad, MA, LP is
available for consultations and
customized workshops and
Learn more about custom training.

Using Hermes' Web to Increase
Invite Jerry Fjerkenstad, MA, LP to
present his responsivity seminar at
your location.
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Character Toy Collections
Hermes’ Web, Ltd. is looking for a group of people to learn the language of change and to develop the necessary skills to work with
clients and community on a core level, where change is more than cosmetic or court-ordered.  Hermes’ Web, Ltd. has gathered an
exclusive group of character toys and pre-built kits and is offering these collections, along with coaching materials, Hermes' Webs,
and barriers, to individuals willing to take on the challenge of this unique and powerful way of working with difficult clients.

Hermes' Web, Ltd. offers these collections for use in specific therapeutic, counseling, and educational situations. The collections are
centered around the use of Hermes' Web, as well as the representational character toys. Click a link below to see the collections
available in each of the following areas:

Sex Offense

Hermes' Web, Ltd. also offers collections in general therapeutic areas. Click here to see those offerings. Many of these products can
be used in several different applications, including but not limited to: sex offense, addiction, cybersex, bullying, marriage and family,
youth violence prevention, and community advocacy.