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— Hermes' Web Marketing Company
On February 17, 2004, Hermes’ Web Marketing
Company announced its move into e-commerce with
the launch of its new Web site,
The company now offers its revolutionary tools and
training services online, for use in therapeutic practice.

As a therapeutic tool, Hermes’ Web provides
breakthroughs in the effectiveness of therapy with all
clients. Using Hermes' Web in therapy helps
practitioners, group leaders, and educators break
through communication barriers, such as mental
illness and learning disabilities, and successfully
connect with well-defended clients.

Hermes’ Web practitioners have seen increased
therapeutic effectiveness and pace, richer therapist-
client connections, reduced drop-out rates, and
decreased recidivism. Hermes’ Web has achieved
outstanding results in the most difficult client
populations, especially those involved in criminal
behavior, addiction, and sex offense. Similar positive
results are achieved in individuals with more common,
neurosis-based conditions and in marriage, family,
and adolescent counseling.

Hermes’ Web founder Jerry Fjerkenstad, MA, LP, has
reorganized the company, formerly Hermes’ Web Ltd.,
and made Anthony Signorelli the new CEO. “Our
mission is to refocus therapy on fundamental, core-
level change and to provide practitioners with the tools
and training that put them on the cutting-edge of
therapeutic practice,” says Signorelli.
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"Hermes' Web is a special tool
that we find effective in helping
people understand the complex
nature of compulsive and addictive
behaviors — as well as the
process of recovery from them..."
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