Bobby Hickman and Jerry Fjerkenstad,
Bobby Hickman,
community and youth
Twelve years ago, Louis Alemeyu recommended that
Jerry approach Bobby about speaking at the "Looking for
Trouble/Prison as Crucible" conference that Jerry
organized for Minnesotans Actively Seeking Community
(MASC).  This project involved working theatrically with a
group of Southwest High students who performed at the
conference and a keynote address by Bobby.  
Bobby’s comments that day struck a note that remains a theme in Bobby and Jerry’s work together: the American dream is great, but
too many people live outside that dream, fully awake in a reality that is nothing like the American dream.  It’s actually the dreamers that
need to awake and do the work necessary to make the American dream a reality for everybody – truth, justice, and all.

Over the ensuing years, Jerry and Bobby kept exploring their association and blending their experience and ideas.  Bobby is a
consummate community activist, founder of the Inner City Youth League, a long-time instructor and consultant at The City, Inc., a
tireless worker in youth theatre, and a member of the MASC board.  Jerry is a psychologist who founded a treatment center for the
mentally ill, established MASC and the Dream Guild Theatre, worked 16 years with sex offenders, served as a psychologist at Stillwater
Prison, founded Hermes' Web, Ltd., and is a pianist/percussionist.

The blend became more serious as Bobby joined a Saturday morning training seminar with Jerry, held countless discussions about
how to impact the community, and took advantage of numerous opportunities to work together at The City, Inc., the VA chemical
dependency unit, the St. Louis County Health and Human Service Conference, Levi Eagle Feather’s community projects, and Folwell
Middle School. Bobby also participated in filming a detailed video series demonstrating the Missing Pieces curriculum and a new
approach to sex offender treatment.  Both men continued to carry their messages into the community through dozens of meetings with
police, politicians, mental health and corrections staff, teachers, and community and spiritual leaders.

Bobby and Jerry have worked hard creating and practicing the language of change that utilizes Hermes’ Web and the character toys.  It
was clear to both men that status quo efforts were not going to be effective with the disaffected youth and parents of today.  Both men
agree that change has to reach the core in order to create core-level change.  This 12-year effort is what has brought Bobby and Jerry to
the place where they now actively promote the Missing Pieces curriculum for schools, because that curriculum itself is a vital missing
piece in the education of today’s youth.

To learn more about Jerry and Bobby's efforts and the Missing Pieces curriculum, you can either email Jerry or call
Bobby Hickman
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