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cybersex, bullying, marriage and family, youth violence
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Hermes' Web Training

Customized Training Programs
Jerry Fjerkenstad, MA, LP is
available for consultations and
customized workshops and
Learn more about custom training.

Using Hermes' Web to Increase
Invite Jerry Fjerkenstad, MA, LP to
present his responsivity seminar at
your location.
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Buttheadz Collections
Use this convenient, portable collection to illustrate many different basic concepts. Each
toy fits right over the ends of Hermes' Web, either above or below the barrier (ego or

$25.00 - $40.00 (choose from 3 options)
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Corpse Bride Trauma Recovery Collection
Illustrate the journey and characters involved in the underworld of trauma and open
sensitive areas in ways words alone cannot.

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The Perfect Servant Collection
Demonstrate some of the most important and basic dynamics of addiction,
abuse, perpetration, and relationship problems.

This collection interacts very well with the other collections offered in sex
offense, addiction, and cybersex areas. Great as an add-on!

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The Nuclear Reactor Collection
Illustrate therapy, toxic waste build up, and family of origin issues with this versatile

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Spirituality Collection
Discuss development of spirituality, conscience, and compassion with this novel

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The Choice Collection
Illustrate the choice clients face over and over in many different applications: To take the
short cut towards revenge and release, or do the hard work of becoming a spiritual

Great as an add-on to the Spirituality Collection!

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