Hermes' Web in Sex Offender Treatment
In a private study, Project Pathfinder, Inc. of St. Paul,
MN tracked the results of using Hermes' Web to treat
new adult clients entering its outpatient sex offender
treatment program. Project Pathfinder serves
approximately 250 adult offenders as well as
adolescent and child sex offenders.

Clients who began treatment with Hermes’ Web
underwent a 6-week, 12-hour orientation program that
focused on the use of Hermes' Web and associated
materials and kit components. These clients reduced
their length of time in treatment by an average of
6.2 months — an approximate savings of $2500 per
client over the course of treatment.  Upon completing
the program, clients received their own Hermes' Webs
to help the therapeutic process continue beyond the
program. A follow-up session hosted by Elizabeth
Griffin, MA, LMFT, indicated that the majority of program
graduates utilized Hermes’ Web after treatment and
considered it a crucial part of treatment and their
ongoing recovery.

Recidivism rates were maintained at 3% or less
throughout the course of this study. This would
indicate that Hermes' Web helps shorten the length of
treatment, saving thousands of dollars per client, but
without any decrease in the long-term effectiveness of
treatment. It should be noted that Hermes' Web had
been utilized at Project Pathfinder prior to this study,
although not as formally as in the orientation program
that preceded treatment for the clients in this study.
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