Kit Contents and Focus
Cybersex addicts often have an image of themselves that
hides their truth.  The Ultra Toad represents "the toad"
(instinctive sexuality) at his contaminated worst: not a playful
instinctuality, but a desperate, ugly hunger tainted at times
with aggression, vengeance, and/or self-hatred.  The
perpetrator may see him or herself as powerful, attractive,
flamboyant, but, what the victim sees and experiences is
often anything but.  It is important for perpetrators to come to
realize how they are seen in the mirror of their victims – where
their core is revealed, not the public relations version of their

NOTE: This collection is also offered in the Sex Offense
products area, as it can be used with sex offenders as well.
Tools and Toys
The Ultra Toad/Samarai Collection includes the following tool:

One 8" Hermes' Web with a barrier

The Ultra Toad/Samarai Collection also contains the following
character toys:

Ultra toad
Samarai warrior (
not shown in photo)

The manual included with this collection describes how to use each
of the character toys.
Tool Kit
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