Kit Contents and Focus
Toys provide a great multimedia method to engage the
cybersex addict in the therapeutic process and improve the
effectiveness of treatment. Multimedia problems, such as
cybersex, require metaphorical multimedia methods to allow
greater client insight, promote behavior change, and enhance
the therapeutic relationship. This toy collection provides
seven toys, along with a description of each and its relevance
in talking with clients or professionals about cybersex
behavior and addictions. These fun, interactive toys provide
individuals with new ways to communicate about the
resistance to treatment/change and the root issues that get
cybersex addiction going in the first place.

NOTE: This collection is also available in the Addiction
Products area, as it can be used with other addictions as well.
The Internet Sex/Addictions Collection includes the following tools:

One 8" Hermes' Web with a barrier
One small Hoberman Sphere

Hermes' Web and Barrier
Hermes' Web, in terms of cybersex, illustrates the normal life of the
ego and the hidden world of cybersex down below the barrier, which
works to keep it hidden. Cybersex is about having a hidden world
with powerful, intense core-level needs. On the surface, in the ego,
there is much denial. There are also passwords, deletions, and
other technical ways to guard the barrier so no one discovers what is
going on below.

Hoberman Sphere
People hide what is in the core, rather than deal with it directly. As
long as it's kept locked up, it's safe. But the Internet offers a whole
new possibility. People can open up that locked world, expand it
outwards, and find entire new worlds to explore in a myriad of
directions, colors, flavors, paraphilias, etc. When someone enters
the World Wide Web, it expands, like the Hoberman, to meet every
needs and fantasy, however bizarre and unusual. It's an intoxicating
feeling to have that tiny secret world open up into a whole universe
with numerous forms of exotic life.
Character Toys
The Internet Sex/Addictions Collection also contains the following
character toys:

Shady lawyer
Bendable spider
Renfield and Nosferatu dioramas (The "perfect servant" set)
The toad
The core whore
The wurm

The manual included with this collection describes how to use each of
the character toys.
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