Kit Contents and Focus
The Cybersex Client Treatment Kit contains tools your client
needs to begin the journey down the road to recovery.

This kit serves as the accompanying client's kit for the
Clinician's Cybersex Treatment Kit.
The Cybersex Client Treatment Kit includes the following tools:

One 8" Hermes' Web with a barrier
Internet Sex Screening Test
Cybersex Unhooked client's workbook (Delmonico & Griffin
[2001] Gentle Path Press)
Hermes' Web and Barrier
This kit comes with an 8" Web and
barrier for your client.

Hermes' Web, in terms of cybersex,
illustrates the normal life of the ego
and the hidden world of cybersex
down below the barrier, which works
to keep it hidden. Cybersex is about
having a hidden world with powerful,
intense core-level needs. On the
surface, in the ego, there is much
denial. There are also passwords,
deletions, and other technical ways
to guard the barrier so no one
discovers what is going on below.
Internet Sex Screening Test
The Internet Sex Screening Test in this kit is for your client. Use the
Internet Sex Screening Test Key in your Clinician's Cybersex Treatment
Kit to score your client's test results.

*Not shown in photo

Cybersex Unhooked
This client workbook offers valuable information about compulsive
online sexual behavior and recovery. Topics in the workbook include
the stages of courtship, patterns of sexual arousal and ways they
change, setting appropriate relationship boundaries, relapse
prevention, the impact of cybersex on the family, and the Internet
frontier. Hermes' Web is also presented and explained to clients. The
workbook contains written exercises for clients as well.

Familiarize yourself with the workbook, using your copy included in the
Clinician's Cybersex Treatment Kit.
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