Kit Contents and Focus
The Clinician's Cybersex Starter Kit contains the tools you
need to gain a strong baseline knowledge about cybersex
and compulsive online sexual behavior and how to approach
and treat clients with these issues.

This kit serves as your learning guide and reference for
treatment. We also recommend you purchase a
Cybersex Treatment Kit for each of your clients.
The Clinician's Cybersex Starter Kit includes the following tools:

One 8" practitioner's Web with a barrier
One large Hoberman Sphere
Hermes' Web Introductory Manual
Internet Sex Screening Test
Internet Sex Screening Test Key
In the Shadows of the Net (Carnes, Delmonico, & Griffin. [2001]
Hazelden Press)
Cybersex Unhooked client's workbook (Delmonico & Griffin [2001]
Gentle Path Press)

Hermes' Web and Barrier
This kit comes with an 8" Web and barrier for your use.

Hermes' Web, in terms of cybersex, illustrates the normal life of the
ego and the hidden world of cybersex down below the barrier, which
works to keep it hidden. Cybersex is about having a hidden world with
powerful, intense core-level needs. On the surface, in the ego, there
is much denial. There are also passwords, deletions, and other
technical ways to guard the barrier so no one discovers what is going
on below.

Hoberman Sphere
People hide what is in the core, rather than deal with it directly. As
long as it's kept locked up, it's safe. But the Internet offers a whole
new possibility. People can open up that locked world, expand it
outwards, and find entire new worlds to explore in a myriad of
directions, colors, flavors, paraphilias, etc. When someone enters the
World Wide Web, it expands, like the Hoberman, to meet every need
and fantasy, however bizarre and unusual. It's an intoxicating feeling
to have that tiny secret world open up into a whole universe with
numerous forms of exotic life.

*Colors may vary
Hermes' Web Introductory Manual
This detailed, 38-page manual offers critical insight for those already using
Hermes' Web or for those ready to get started using the Web to treat
cybersex compulsives. The manual provides guidance on how to effectively
use Hermes' Web, what to expect in therapy or treatment, and how clients
may respond. A brief outline of the theoretical background supporting
Hermes' Web and its breakthrough approach is also included.

Internet Sex Screening Test and Key
The Internet Sex Screening Test in this kit is for your reference. Use the
Internet Sex Screening Test Key to score your client's test results — each
Cybersex Client Treatment Kit includes a test and a key*.

*Not shown in photo

In the Shadows of the Net
This book, written by Patrick Carnes, PhD, David Delmonico, PhD, and
Elizabeth Griffin, MA, LMFT explores cybersex addiction and compulsivity
and the allure of the Internet. Drawing on their collective clinical expertise,
as well as current research, the authors equip readers with specific
strategies for recognizing and recovering from compulsive online sexual
behavior, including strategies focused on Hermes' Web.

Cybersex Unhooked
The workbook in this kit is for your reference. This client workbook offers
additional information about compulsive online sexual behavior and
recovery. Topics in the workbook include the stages of courtship, patterns
of sexual arousal and ways they change, setting appropriate relationship
boundaries, relapse prevention, the impact of cybersex on the family, and
the Internet frontier. Hermes' Web is also presented and explained to
clients. The workbook contains written exercises for clients as well.
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