The Unique Power to be More Effective
Hermes’ Web is a colorful, plastic toy that represents
the human personality, or psyche. It is a
communication tool that connects the complex world of
psychology and the primitive world of emotional
largesse. The tool allows professionals to approach
the most sensitive areas without setting off alarms,
activating shame and guilt, and stimulating negative
linkages into high alert. It helps them to speak the
language of their clients and students.

Hermes’ Web gives professionals the unique power to
be more effective. When clients and students feel
seen, heard, recognized, and valued, there is likely to
be less resistance and denial and more actual clinical
change and progress.

The use of Hermes' Web:
Helps clients and students see what treatment and education
are asking of them, not just hear it
Converts complex psychological and sociological concepts into
a language clients and students can understand
Appeals to the visual and tactile senses as well as the
imagination and common sense
Breaks through defenses to successfully connect with
hard-to-reach individuals
Bypasses typical communication barriers, such as learning
disabilities, low cognitive functioning, mental illness, hostility,
and disinterest
Takes the focus off of interpersonal dynamics and puts it on the
core of the issue, where real change can occur
Increased Responsivity
Hermes' Web can increase the effectiveness and pace of therapy, reduce drop-out rates, build richer connections, and maintain or
decrease recidivism rates. Hermes' Web can help professionals increase responsivity in all individuals, but is especially effective in
working with difficult, hard-to-reach clients and students, such as bullies, addicts, sex offenders, violent criminals, and at-risk youth.
Carry the Therapy Home
Providing a Web to each client and student is an essential aspect of Hermes’ Web use. Just as the Web objectifies the discussion in the
office or classroom, it also objectifies a person’s discussions of him or herself with others. When clients and students carry the Web with
them, they are reminded of the work being done. The Web continues to support and encourage learning and stimulate the therapeutic
process. Once a person has left the office or classroom, Hermes’ Web and its inspiration travel onward.
A Breakthrough Approach
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Hermes' Web:
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Hermes' Web: A Breakthrough Approach