Hermes' Web Applications
Hermes’ Web is open to constant innovation and can
be used in all therapeutic and educational
applications, including the illustration of:
Emotional intelligence (EQ) versus IQ, street
smarts (SQ), and criminal intelligence (CQ)
Shame dynamics
Relationship and family dynamics
The effects of domestic violence and child
Bullying roles, bullying culture, and the cycle of
violence in schools
Healthy versus contaminated sexuality
The underworld of sexual compulsion and sex
Problematic online behavior
Sexual harassment awareness and prevention
Drug, alcohol, sex, and gambling addiction
and treatment goals, including the 12 steps
The roots of violence of all types
Personality disorder etiologies
Criminal behavior
The dynamics of offense
Offender assessment and treatment
Erickson's eight stages of development
Developmental success and failure
Millon's polarities
Jungian concepts
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